Tips to Finding the Right Contemporary Sleeper Sofa

contemporary sleeper sofa

Cullen Acorn Contemporary Sleeper Sofa


What makes a sleeper sofa an intelligent purchase? Most people say it is better than buying a complete bedroom set with a mattress and comforter. Additionally, sleeper sofas tend to fit better in guest bedrooms or a small apartment. Why, you ask? Sofa beds work well as a sofa and a bed. But, the key question is this: How do you choose from among the different contemporary sleeper sofas?

This answer is simple. Contemporary sleeper sofas vary in color, size and durability. What you need to decide on is the color you want, the size of the sofa, and the durability needed. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to want a comfortable mattress with matching pillows.

Structure and Durability of the Mattress

No one wants to sleep on a sofa bed mattress that has no support. Alternatively, having a sofa bed with too much support only makes for a sore back in the morning. Most people should opt for a sofa bed that contains a crisscross trampoline. A crisscross trampoline supports a person’s weight better and cradles them as they move around at night. Moreover, the crisscross trampoline tends to last longer than rails of a contemporary sleeper sofa.

Frame of the Sofa Bed

All contemporary sleeper sofa beds come with a wooden or metal base used to create the frame. Wood is much easier to attach fabric to than metal. Plus, wood lasts longer, and some sleeper sofas come with different types of wood. However, you don’t want to purchase just any sleeper sofa with any wood. It’s crucial to buy a sofa bed with a hardwood frame that contains no moisture. This wood is known as kiln dried wood.

Kiln dried wood is wood that has been heated to extremely high temperatures. The purpose of doing this is to remove all the moisture from the wood prior to attaching any material or upholstery to it. Dried wood has less of a chance of shrinking or warping than wood containing moisture. It also helps the contemporary sleeper sofa to last longer.

Consider the Primary Use

Are you purchasing this sleeper sofa bed to use as a bed or a sofa? Know the answer to this question before you begin shopping for sofa beds. Most people purchase a sofa bed without considering its primary use. Having a sofa bed in the house, and then simply using it for a sofa is a waste. It makes for a great sofa, of course, but the mattress will lose its thickness and elasticity if it’s only used as a sofa.

Consider the Size

If the sleeper sofa you want is going to be used as a bed, make sure you have adequate space for it. The appeal of a sofa bed is that it takes up much less space than purchasing a full-size bed. But, it must also fit in the room where it will reside. Without knowing this information, you may purchase a sofa bed that can’t unfold because there just isn’t enough space to open the bed. There may also not be enough space for additional room items such as a lamp or side table.

Who will Use the Sofa Bed?

Who will be primarily sleeping on the sofa bed? If it is a child, you will want to purchase a contemporary sleeper sofa mattress that is soft enough to cushion the child. The mattress should be wide enough to accommodate them, as they tend to move about during their sleep.

Older adults may not be ideal for a sleeper sofa bed. They tend to need more cushion and support from a full-size bed. College kids and teenagers are probably the best candidates for sleeper sofa beds. They only need a comfortable place to sleep, and their bodies can withstand much more than older adults can.

Once you have all these options in mind, shopping for a contemporary sleeper sofa bed is easy. One final thing to remember is to purchase a sofa bed with fabric that is easy to keep. It is a hassle to buy a contemporary sleeper sofa with hard-to-maintain material. Opt for durable fabric that is easy to clean.

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