Tips for Designing Furniture Showroom Stoppers

Modern Navy Sofa

You’ve assembled your latest furniture showroom and have decided to take the time to see how other displays compare. You will find that today’s modern furniture market is alive with new and exciting products. In addition to those cleverly designed routine pieces – sofas, ottomans, book shelves, coffee tables, etc. – you can expect to see some unusual furniture styles that may offer unexpected appeal. One such idea comes from Paris. A designer noticed how large iron doors were used to invite people into a coffee shop library. He used the scene to develop a large library, complete with big bookcases, furniture and a multitude of accent pieces. The romantic enclosure drew immediate attention and was clearly a functional hit.

Create an Inspired Scene that Draws Attention

Designing new showroom furniture that goes beyond the norm requires paying attention to basic ideas. There has to be a focal point that observers easily identify. Developing furniture décor that has nothing to tie it together won’t impress observers. Customers love a good show. It’s up to you to give them one that will linger in their thoughts many days later. A furniture show must market from all angles, as this will certainly draw critical attention. Take the time to freshen the accent pieces your furniture showroom may have. Discuss with clients how they feel about your showroom design. Connect the dots for your customers and let them leave the showroom with real appreciation for your efforts.

When in Doubt, Anchor Your Designs with the Classics

Quality designs that garner attention must include elegance and a unique style. Think about adding some of the classical furniture designs produced in Europe over the centuries. The actual furniture designs produced 200 years ago are classified as antiques, and as such can be quite expensive. But that doesn’t mean today’s furniture makers can’t copy the exquisite pieces European furniture masters have created. Just one or two of these special items can really bolster the appeal of a furniture showroom. A bit of this can be found among furniture dealers whose customers consider excess to be the norm. They ask for things like luxury beds and fabulous furniture. Even their pets enjoy things like ultra-expensive custom dog beds. There is a huge interest in brass lighting fixtures that can be installed at home or in the office. Also, animal prints and other bold floral patterns are showing up more often to decorate sofas and ottomans. Let your imagination guide the way to a great furniture showroom.

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