How Have Showroom Trends in 2013 Focused on Modern Furniture?

Modern Furniture Living Room

Modern furniture has taken the lead regarding showroom trends this year. That movement is likely to be carried over into 2014. It is a safe bet, based on the fact that modern furniture has a strong appeal with today’s customer who is looking to outfit their home or office. Furniture displays are designed to showcase the quality, functionality and beauty of everything from sofas to bookcases. Durability has a place in selling modern furniture, but it’s also certain that how modern furniture appeals to the visual senses plays the main role. Customers like furniture selections to reflect their tastes in the most fashionable manner. They want friends and family to agree they have made good choices. An inviting showroom plays to that sense of self.

How did Modern Furniture Affect Displays?

It’s important that any furniture showroom be developed in a way that draws attention to the main pieces on display. The key here is to make the larger displays of modern furniture play to the smaller pieces that accent the overall effect. In fact, something like a crystal lamp can attract its own audience-one that appreciates the studied ambiance created in a showroom display. From a bonded, leather-covered sofa to a glass coffee table to an oil rubbed desk, your showroom displays should reflect the confidence you have in the merchandise you offer. The crisp elegance of modern furniture is a great selling point all by itself. There is another benefit- modern furniture has a long life. It doesn’t go out of style and rapidly changing fashions won’t make it an overnight bust. Combine these methods with a well-designed showroom and expect more customer inquiries regarding potential sales. Most of your customers probably expect the modern furniture they buy today to last a lifetime. What is most important is that they are able to see it presented in a way that lends itself to being a timeless addition to their home.

Implement Frequent Layout Updates

Don’t let a showroom become stale. Customers want to be intrigued. They may not have a particular feel for the current display; but changing the displays can eventually pique their interest. No matter what you do with a showroom, nothing can make it more interesting than how you mix and match at different times. Your care and devotion to a furniture showroom shows much about how you conduct business, and what customers can expect from your products.

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