Choosing the Right Fabric Ottoman to Complete the Interior Theme of Your Room

Red sofa, loveseat and ottoman

Most people won’t consider purchasing a sofa set without a matching ottoman. Why would anyone want an ottoman with his or her sofa set? Ottomans are more than just footstools; they also provide another place to sit at times. They can also provide extra space to place magazines or other items. Ottomans don’t only look neat, but fabric ottomans can match any sofa set.

It may seem like a great idea to simply take the ottoman that comes with the sofa set. However, many people enjoy the ability to mix and match ottomans with their sofa sets. This is especially true for fabric ottoman designs. If you don’t like the square ottoman, choose a round one. Don’t like the design on the round ottoman? Select a square fabric ottoman with a better design.

Making a Statement

To make a statement with your fabric ottoman designs, you don’t want to choose the simple ottoman that often accompanies a sofa set. Instead, to make a real fashion statement in your home, it is considered ideal to purchase an ottoman that does not match the sofa set. You can also choose an ottoman that does match the base color, but the design on the fabric can be different.

Consider the texture and color of the ottoman you want. Most fabric ottomans come with different print designs. For instance, to match a light-colored sofa set with the animal-print theme pillows, you’ll want to purchase a light-colored ottoman with an animal-print theme design. This will not only match the sofa pillows, but also enhance the look of the room.

Another idea is to purchase fabric ottoman designs that offset the color of the sofa. Choose a light-colored ottoman to match dark fabric sofas. Alternatively, you can use a dark fabric ottoman to match the color of light fabric sofas. If your furniture contains wooden armrests, you’ll want a classy ottoman with less fabric and more of the wood showing.

Ottoman Shapes

Fabric ottomans can be had in many colors and styles. The most commonly seen ottoman shape is square with four wooden feet. Ottomans can be round, oval, and heart-shaped. Some ottomans can also be had in unique styles and shapes that resemble flower petals. Others are custom made and have unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

If you have a sofa set with sharp, defined corners, you’ll want a square ottoman with firm edges. For a softer, plush look, select an ottoman shape that is round or has soft edges. Decide whether the ottoman will have a base of four wooden feet, or a solid wooden base. Those with a solid wooden base often double as a storage unit.

Storage Unit Ottomans

Do you need a place to store magazines or books that you frequently read? You’ll want to consider buying a storage unit ottoman. These ottomans often have a square or circular wooden bottom. This makes it easier for you to store items. Most of your square, round, or oblong ottomans possess this storage ability. Some of them even latch shut to keep hidden items protected.

Select Material that is Easy to Clean

Just as you would choose a sofa material that’s easy to keep, you’ll want to do the same with your ottoman. Spills and scuffs are bound to happen with an ottoman, especially in a busy household. For instance, suede material is tough to manage. But acrylic and microfiber is easier to keep clean.

Households with small children or pets should opt for microfiber, as it is resistant to water. It also holds up well against excessive use and abuse. Alternatively, acrylic material is perfect for spills, as this fabric type does not absorb any liquid. Most fabric ottomans made with acrylic have a stripe or plaid pattern. Leather is also a popular choice, though it is not recommended to purchase leather ottoman material with pets in the house.

If you are having trouble choosing the right fabric ottoman for your home décor, take a picture of your room and show it to an interior design expert. They can help you decide on the perfect ottoman for your décor.

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